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To be able to enter the Holistic Series, 
you already should have used at least 3000 discs 
from Courses 1 to 3.

This number of Discs is set at that level to ensure 
that you have practiced ANF Therapy enough 
to have gained the experience to be able 
to move on to ANF Holistic Courses.

When payment is received, we will review 
your registration and validate the information.

If we find you do not qualify to enter the Holistic ANF training 
we will let you know ASAP and reverse the payment.

We might ask for a recommendation from your instructor.
When we confirm your registration, 
you will gain access to the membership area

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I am Physiotherapist / doctor / Chiro ?
If no to above then what's your education?
If NO higher medical education we need to know:
Has instructor approved you can take Course 4?
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